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How can you create an AirBnB with IMPACT?

Set your AirBnB apart with a compelling story, a unique design, and upmarket styling.

airbnb styling tropical airbnb

U N I Q U E. What is unique about your AirBnB? What is in close proximity? Why do people stay in your region? What are they seeking? A farmstay experience? A winery region? A local foodie trail? A local day spa? Nearby walking trails? Rainforest? The beach? Art galleries? Who are your likely clients? Families? Couples? Friends? Think carefully about what might attract people to your accommodation.

S T O R Y. Once you’ve identified what is unique about your offering, it’s time to create the story of your AirBnB. A compelling story will inform all design decisions. Is it a rainforest retreat? A foodie trail base? A tropical haven? A family beach experience? An artists getaway? Create a 3 or 4 word title that tells your story.

E X P E R I E N C E. One you have a story, it’s time to envision your guest experience. How can you create an immersive experience for your guests? Brainstorm ideas related to your story that would create an amazing guest experience. How can you create seating areas for relaxation? To curl up and read a book? Or watch the kids in the pool. If it’s a tropical haven, can you provide a fruit bowl with mangoes and pineapple? Feature tropical plants? In a wine region, can you include local wine? How can you convey your AirBnB story?

L O C A L. How can you showcase local products that relate to your story? Visit local art and craft markets to find locally made products including artwork, ceramics and bathroom products.

S T Y L I N G. Photographs are key to marketing your AirBnB and attracting bookings. Styling is the key to fantastic photographs. Engage a local photographer if you can. Engage a local interior designer or stylist to help elevate your style. Make the time to take ‘draft’ photographs first, to see how you need to style it up. Make sure the photographs convey the story and experience of your AirBnB.

Give it some thought! Let us know how you go!

And reach out if we can help you elevate your AirBnB and maximise your investment!


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