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Six things you can do today to make your home more beautiful, impactful and welcoming

1. F O C A L P O I N T. Create a focal point in your space - by painting a wall, hanging art or photos, installing shelves, hanging plants, painting a dark wall around a fireplace, grouping things together, clusters of lights …

2. E M P H A S I S E H E I G H T. Emphasise the height of your space by hanging plants, high shelves, plant feature wall, tall lamps …

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3. P A I N T. Use paint to hide unattractive or dated features (paint everything the same colour) or emphasise beautiful features (use contrasting colours).

4. M I N I F O C A L P O I N T S. Create mini focal points or ‘vignettes’ by placing a stack of three coffee table books on your coffee table, or maybe your favourite ceramic trays and bowls - stacked if possible with a variety of shapes and colours (groups of three are good).

interior design, focal point

5. F O C U S O N T H E E N T R Y. Create a beautiful focal point as you enter your home. A hall table with a mirror or painting on the wall? Photos? Plants? Plants beside the front door? Paint the front door?

tropical entry, tropical interior design, tropical water feature

6. D E C L U T T E R. If you don’t love it, give it away or repurpose it. If it serves a purpose, can you replace it with something you love? If it’s not used every day, can you put it away? Decluttering anything off the floor has a big impact, as well as kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Keep the focus on your beautiful, most-loved items.

Small actions can make a big difference to the feel of your home. These six ideas provide a good place to start! Let us know what changes you've made at your place!

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