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Signature Style - How to create a cohesive feel in your home

Why do some homes feel so welcoming and comfortable, yet others feel disjointed and confused?

How do some home owners manage to pull everything together into a cohesive feel yet others battle on buying new furniture and objects, yet never feeling they have the look they’re after?

Are these owners simply more stylish than you? Do they know something you don’t?

The secret to having a cohesive feel in your home is understanding your style, and also key concepts about how to make a room feel comfortable.

The secret ingredient for creating a cohesive, stylish and welcoming home is defining your specific 'Signature Style'.

Defining your Signature Style is a combination of understanding

  • The design styles you are generally drawn to

  • How you want the space to feel

  • Interior design principles that create a cohesive space, and

  • The types of furniture, wall finishes, cabinetry, window furnishing and decor that will allow you to achieve the style you are seeking.

For example, are you generally attracted to French Provincial, Minimalist, Coastal, Luxe, Farmhouse, Midcentury Modern, Japandi, Eclectic, Plantation, or Industrial style? There are so many styles out there (and you can even create more) and this is a good place to start to understand what you love.

Next, key words capture the feel you want to achieve in your home. For example, is the feel laidback, relaxed, comfortable, textural, tropical, peaceful, simple, cosy, earthy, natural, family-friendly, grounded, down-to-earth, warm, refreshing, creative, artistic, romantic, traditional, formal, etc?

Now for some fun! Find an evocative phrase that captures the desired feel of your home. For example, 'Slice of Paradise', 'Make yourself at home', 'Home is where the heart is' or 'The Stone House'.

Then, general interior design principles are applied to the Signature Style to create a comfortable space. For example, how will you introduce pattern, colour, line, texture, and a variety of shapes in your Signature Style?

Finally, create a file of images that show the Signature Style, including room styling images, ceiling treatment, wall treatment, as well as the types of furniture that works in your style (bedding, dining table, lounges, coffee tables, etc). You might create a page for each room showing the bedroom, living area, kitchen etc.

You can also include a list of suppliers that stock items that usually work with your style. For example, Papaya Home, Willow & Beech, Freedom Furniture, Totem Road, Uniqwa, etc.

This 'Signature Style' guide then forms a strategic plan that you can refer to when you're purchasing furniture, art, soft furnishings, etc. Let the Signature Style guide every decision. Do you want playful patterned tiles? Sofas you can sink into? Plenty of white? Charcoal for moody contrast?

It may take some time, but this Signature Style Guide will be critical in creating a cohesive feel in your home.

Determining your Signature Style is one of the most important things you can do for your home or AirBnB. This is also one of our most sought after services.

If you would love some help to define your Signature Style, our website has all of the information you need, and you can even book online!

Let us know you how go!

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